Wife, Get A Job! Never Depend On Your Husband For Everything!

Wife, Get A Job! Never Depend On Your Husband For Everything!

I always say that marriage is about responsibility…taking financial responsibility most of the time. No matter how much you are in love, you should both have a relative means of income to fend for your family.

The romance, the love, the affection and the intimacy that always characterize courtship will soon fade away if couples aren’t finnacially empowered.

And why should a woman be married and become a full time housewife in this 21st century putting all the burden of familyhood on the husband? No mater how fat the paycheck of your husband is, not having a single means of income and depending wholly on him put you at great risk and put all unecessary burden and pressure on him.

That is what this female pastor is saying in this video BELOW. She says, “If as a woman, the totality of your fianncial life is dependent on your husand, you are a collosal disappointment”! Watch the video below and dro your comment… whether you agree with her or not!

Tell us your view in the comment box below if you agree with the above or not… You may also share with us your relationship or marriage experience in confidence… call or whatsApp 0808 360 9209

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