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Why I Left Jenifa’s Diary – Actress Juliana Olayode Finally Opens Up (Video)

Nollywood star, Juliana Olayode aka Toyo Baby has finally broken her silence on the reason why she left the blockbuster hit series Jenifa’s Diary.

Juliana, who is also an author, is famed for her role in ‘Jenifa’s Diary’, a comedy series by Funke Akindele-Bello.

But she stopped featuring in the show from May 2016.

She said: “Talk about Jenifa’s Dairy because you just came and said what you said. Who sent the email? You sent the email. Because I was begging you that day and I said ‘Please don’t send this email’. You were saying that you wanted to send the email, you wanted to stand up for me as a father.

“And I begged you and I said ‘don’t send this email’. Okay, edit the email. What did you say? ‘You don’t trust my decision that is the only problem I have against you. I am trying to stand up for you. All the things you said. I was there crying that day. Your wife Titilope was there. I never said anything because I trusted you

“There were times when you made decisions for me that I knew those decisions were wrong but you always told me to trust you.”

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