Royalfield Farms Unveils ‘Raising Millionaire Farmers’ Reality Show

prizes2-1Royalfield Farms Ltd has unveiled a first-of-its-kind “Raising Millionaire Farmers” Reality Show, a TV-Reality program aimed at empowering and engaging Nigerian youths in the career of agriculture.

Chairman of the company, Mr Isaac Ipinlaye in his opening remarks during the Press Conference organised in Lagos over the weekend, said that the reality program will be primarily focused on hands on agricultural scheme with a conceptual plan to educate Nigeria youths in particular and young people in Africa in general on the benefit of agricultural practice and production.

ROYALFIELDS-MAIN-2Ipinlaye added that the project will help unemployed youths in Nigeria cultivate interest in the farming business, adding that show will include activities that will cut across agriculture and food processing. According to him, on the long run, the reality program will strategically restructure and re-position agric business in Nigeria and will add value to the Nation’s economy.

Royalfield Farm is a Limited Liability Company with enormous responsibilities that cut across agricultural activities and agro-food processing and completes the value chain system.

A major aspect of the company mission and objectives is to empower youth across Africa and Nigeria in particularwhich has led to the new project ‘Raising Millionaire Farmers’.

The ‘Raising Millionaire Farmers’ project, one of the organisation’s numerous practical projects, will also help to empower the youths through Agro-edutainment TV-reality shows which will enhance socio-economic integration across religious and ethnic divide.

Mr Isaac Anifowoshe, the Managing Director of Royalfields Ltd said “The TV-Reality Show will feature different crop production processes.

He added that “It will also showcase how the pre-planting, planting, post-planting operations will be carried out by the selected youths and how they would have entertaining seminars and trainings by professionals on how to improve and sustain agriculture in Nigeria.”

According to the organisers, “The inaugural reality program will run for a period of 3 months and would feature participants that would be involved in planting, growing, harvesting, processing, packaging and marketing of the crops.”

ROYALFIELDS-MAIN-3Anifowoshe also spoke on the other extra-curricular activities that will take place during the reality program. He said, “They (successful participants) would attend seminars and training which will take place every afternoon during the period of the programme.

They would also have entertaining events such as field survey reports, dancing, dramas every evening during the programme.

The reality program target the youth segment of the nation especially thoae who are ready to make money. Participants for the show will be within the ages of 18-45 years.


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