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Melody Ifeanyi Adigo alias M.I.A but never missing in action was born on the 31st of July, 1995. M.I.A, a radio broadcaster and ‘hype-lady’, hails from Imo State but was born and bred in Ibadan, Oyo State.

Melody Ifeanyi Adigo(M.I.A) (@themelodynotmia) | Twitter

Her exuberance and vivacious personality has been winning her the hearts of many, both on air and onstage, for years now. She currently works with the Beat 97.9 FM, Ibadan and spoke to ROTIMI IGE about her journey so far. Excerpts.

What made you chose radio?

Radio was actually chosen for me. I always wanted to be a TV presenter. I started on TV back in 2015 while I was still a student at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. After graduation in 2017, I met KShow, who is now my mentor, and he suggested radio to me. A quick meet with the then Managing Director of Jamz FM and I got my first radio job. By 2019, I was fully into it and I have not regretted that decision.

What is your creative process when it comes to radio?

Radio, for me, is art — Melody, Beat FM OAP | Tribune Online

Radio is a blind man’s medium they say. So, basically you have to paint pictures. I don’t take that lightly anytime I’m on-air; I talk with the mindset that I am describing something to someone who hasn’t seen it. Radio, for me, is art. Even before I go on air, after my show prep, just to make sure I got the reins, I have discussions with different people; from my family to my friends and my colleagues just to get their input(s).

Would you go back to TV if given another opportunity?

It’s not an option to leave radio but I’m open to combining radio and TV. If I can combine radio and events, then I surely can do them all – radio, events and TV.

When and how did you start hyping?

TRANSFER NEWS: Melody of Jamz FM Ports to Beat FM -

It all started in 2018 when I attended the National Broadcast Academy to kickstart my radio journey on the recommendation of Mr Femi Sowoolu. At the academy, we had several social events but I realised I was never picked to host any. Instead, I always got picked to hype these events. Though I found that disappointing, I decided to embrace what I got and everywhere I hyped since then, people loved my energy.

I still host events and red carpets too though and I can never be caught missing (laughs).

Melody Ifeanyi Adigo(M.I.A) on Twitter: "Aww thank you so much and trust  me, I think it is. You can check my instagram page @melodyifeanyiadigo I  run a weekly show #myselfiesh_episodes there for

What do you describe as hyping?

Hyping is a connecting energy by connecting the DJ and his music with the crowd. People may already love the songs the DJ is playing but as a hypeman or hypelady it’s your job to be the happy energy. It’s your job to make them have a good time beyond the party. You have to give something to make them remember the party for a lifetime.

Melody Ifeanyi Adigo(M.I.A) on Twitter: "I dunno 😩😩😩😩😩… "

There are different skills one can use. It could be making them sing along, making them dance by you dancing yourself and it could even be with chants. However, the hype person must not only be in sync with the crowd but also with the DJ.

Hyping is not about noise making. You must know when to talk and when to keep quiet. That’s why it’s good to know your music.

There are more men than women in your chosen career as a hypelady, how do you stand out?

Energy, competence, love. I do not joke when the mic is in my hands. All I’m thinking about is how to make sure everyone in the crowd gets a take-home experience. So I put it in! All of my energy, my strength and everything I am at that moment. I do not take it for granted that I have been trusted to give you a good time. So, whatever it takes, I’d bring it home. That makes me stand out.

Sizzling Hot Pictures Of Media Personality And Presenter Melody Ifeanyi  Adigo Drops Online

The love of what I do also reflects in how I do it. You can tell I’m having fun doing it. It’s not a job to me but a cruise. And you must catch the cruise. (Laughs) Also knowing my onions… The skills acquired over time and knowledge of music.

Challenges of your craft?

A lot o (Laughs). Happens both on radio and hyping. I don’t know how to meet people. I’m horribly shy and beyond when I’m on the job, I don’t know how to act. When you hear me on the radio and you see me on stage, I’m a burst of sunshine but lights out/mic off, and I’m just one girl trying to hide from eyes. That makes it very challenging when I meet people and they expect a certain M.I.A and it’s just Melody that’s there (laughs) might even be Chinemerem (referring to one of her unpopular names).

Melody Ifeanyi Adigo(M.I.A) on Twitter: "Some pictures taken at @Jamz1001FM  right before THE JAMZONE by 4pm… "

There is also the challenge of being underpaid. Everybody wants to pay you with exposure. Exposure can’t pay for rice in the market neither can it pay for my full fit to your event. You want me to look extra but you won’t pay for that extra. That’s why I select the jobs I take. It must be really worth it for me. However, that comes at the price of doing far less jobs.

What legacy would you like to leave behind?

I want to be the difference in the industry.

Choose, Would you rather be very wealthy and famous or rather have loyal fans, friends and followers?

Melody Ifeanyi Adigo(M.I.A) on Twitter: "Some pictures taken at @Jamz1001FM  right before THE JAMZONE by 4pm… "

I would prefer to be wealthy, period. (Laughs)

What are your hobbies?

I love dancing and drawing.

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