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I Need To Get Married, Can’t Be Happy All My Life!

I Need To Get Married, Can’t Be Happy All My Life!

By Femi Adeoya

I wrote this short write up on the 27th of December, 2016 after I stumbled on this featured image…. it depicts the futility of marriage as a panacea to resolving life’s problem and making you live happy ever after…. if you have problem before getting married, I think that marriage actually complicates it.. enjoy the article

For those of you who think Marriage will resolve all the problems of your life and that once you get married, you will be happy, and live happily ever after…. I just stumbled on this, and thought fit to post… it depicts in an hilarious form the “frank essence” of marriage….

Pls do know that as good as marriage is, it never makes you complete. However if you are a relatively complete person, it can help to complement you, but marriage is never what will make you happy if you were NEVER happy as a single!!! And remember, you can live a completely full life as a single! It’s all a thing of the mind, and it’s all about choice!

Moral: The choice to be happy belongs absolutely to you…. marriage though may not make you happy, it certainly cannot make you sad except if you let it… Decide today to live a whole and complete life… The choice is yours! Lolz

Tell us your view in the comment box below if you agree with the above or not… You may also share with us your relationship or marriage experience in confidence… call or whatsApp 0808 360 9209

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