Most Nigerian girls have 4 boyfriends.. bestie, boo, big head and sugar daddy

Most Nigerian girls have 4 boyfriends.. bestie, boo, big head and ‘sugar daddy’

Bestie- Usually a childhood friend or high school boyfriend. Nigerian girls are more fond of this person, share secret with him, they’re very free with this guy even though they know he can’t marry them. They can come out of the shower unclad while he is sitting on her bed pressing phone. He’s usually the guy that satisfy her when she wants to prove to Boo she can stay 6 months without sex. They usually cheat on their marriage or relationship with this particular person. Bestie can shift womb. Bestie cannot make heaven

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Boo- The official boyfriend. The one they post his picture on social media and tag. He is usually financially balanced and takes care of small small needs. He is the one she is hoping will propose and give palm-wine to her village people. Every girl has at least one boo in Nigeria. He is also sometimes the beneficiary of ‘Sugar daddies’ generosity.
Boo will make heaven.

Big head- That innocent guy who loves them and are really ready to spend on them, they see guys like this as ATM and will always like to tease him with some funny names like big head and all that to make him feel involved but deep down their heart he has no place in their hearts. Sometimes when bestie and boo disappoint, ‘Big head’ becomes important…

Big head is also the one they ask to keep quiet when their phone rings, big head can never get head or sex, big head can only get a peck after she gets alert, big head is usually the MUMU and MUGU combined. Big head never gets angry because he is hoping that she might love him back someday. Big head is the one they save as big head, fool, idiot, mumu etc in their phones.

Big head cannot make heaven, there no place for fools in heaven.

Almost every girl in Lagos, Abuja and Porthacourt has a sugar daddy. He is the one they call ‘Zaddy’. He is the one they call ‘Uncleeeee’, he is the financier, the real maga, he is the one that takes her on trips to Dubai and Ghana. He is the one that calls her even @ midnight and she will leave you with your ‘kongi’. When ‘Zaddy’ calls, she must answer. Zaddy is the one that pays house rent, dstv subscription, school fees, Christmas shopping.
Zaddy is the one she calls when she has police case or landlord harassment. Whenever they are with Zaddy, they put their phone on silent or flight mode, Sugar Daddy can never make heaven.

Ladies, which are you?

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