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Meet The Ghanaian Pornstar, Shugatiti, Who Wants To Become A Pastor (Video)

She is a Ghanaian actress, social media influencer, and a video vixen. She was born on 18th July 1990 in Ghana. No doubt, she is one of the most popular Ghanaian actresses, thanks to various social media networks and for the fact that she was known to be posting several hot pictures on Instagram.

She acts mostly in the Kumawood part of the Ghanaian movie industry. The actress discovered her acting skills at a very early age. She credited her lifestyle to the fact that she came from a broken home. Her mother left her when she was just 15 years old, told her she will be back shortly but she is nowhere to be found.

Her father also has left their town a long time. This made her live with her stepmother, who is strict and cold towards her. This actually made her be a video vixen and Actress at an early age. She disclosed in an interview that she would like to become a pastor or an evangelist in the near future.

What do you feel about her? Do you think she can realize her dream of she is merely seeking attention? Freely express your views in the comment section.

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