The Love Of Your Life Is An Illusion: It Doesn’t Exist Anywhere!

The Love Of Your Life Is An Illusion: It Doesn’t Exist Anywhere!

Oyelumade Oluwaseun Claims:

I’m beginning to realise that it’s only a very few, a very lucky few, that gets to marry the love of their life.

Others just settle for the available, and condition their hearts to run through life with what they have. And some of them end up living happily ever after.


My Response: The truth Seun, is that “the love of your life” is only a mirage, a myth and an illusion all combined… It doesn’t exist anywhere certainly not on this planet called earth….

When both of you marry, you start the hardest work in the universe of building a relationship gradually and trying to see if you can align your needs, aspirations and expectations with that of your partner’s….. You have to really work to build your partner into “the love of your life” and she has to do same if she needs “the love of her life”…..

Most cases what happens is that our expectations conflict with our emotional need and we become frustrated and disillusioned and give up, when the relationship apparently isn’t working…. Sometimes also one of the partner is working very hard to build the other into what you can call “the love of his life” but the other isn’t patient enough and want all expectations met now now now…. It still all leads to frustrations and disillusionment.

When you make the decision to say I do to someone, get ready to enter the greatest and fiercest spiritual amd emotional battle…. If you are patient, tactful, long-suffering and emotionally matured, and if you thrive enough in your relationship, hopefully you can get something close to the love of your life. However if you aren’t patient and you chicken out as most relationships end, you get frustrated and want out…

Moral… Marriage has never made anyone happy or happier, if you are getting to Marriage because you want your partner to make you happy, then you’re on a long thing….

Get into marriage after making yourself the best a partner can look forward to, work hard to make it work, enjoy the affection and be patient and enjoy the union and conjugality it brings, also enjoy the companionship it affords and hopefully one day, your partner, may become the dream love of your life! There is no easy way or formula out. Marriage is hard work!


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