Comedienne, Helen Paul No Longer Interested In Her Marriage.....Read Details

Comedienne, Helen Paul No Longer Interested In Her Marriage…..See Why

Popular Nigerian comedienne Helen Paul never fails in going the extra mile in order to keep the tears rolling down the cheeks of her fans at comedy shows, both within and outside Lagos.

While performing live at Ushbebe’s show ‘Yadadi 5’, which was held at the Muson Centre, Onikan Lagos, on Sunday, March 13, Helen Paul decided to thrill her fans by cracking jokes that express the various stress women go through in marriage.

According to naij.com, Helen who was really passionate about what she was about to say first took off her wig on stage and told everyone to give a sounding round of applause to all women out there especially to those who are married.

She began by saying: “it is not easy being a woman because there are so many things expected of you in the home.

Imagine you wake up in the morning, care for the children, and took them to school before going to work.

After getting back from the office your husband then asks you what he would be having for dinner.”

She describes that incident has not been fair because they both went to work together adding that they should be able to support each other in the home.

Making a joke out of her marriage, she jokingly disclosed to everyone at the show that she was no longer interested in her marriage because now that she needs a new car her husband would not get it for her saying:

“My car needs a renewal but if I get home and tell my husband about it, he would bluntly ask me if I am not working to afford a car for myself but if I was single I would not have to ask before I get it.”

She further stated that the job of a woman is never endless in the home and urged everyone to celebrate every woman out there.

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