I Can’t Stop Sleeping With My Friend’s Husband

I Can’t Stop Sleeping With My Friend’s Husband! This post was shared by a member of our group on WhatsApp…it’s shared here unedited…

Mummy, please post for me, this is a very long post ma. I have a friend whose husband lives abroad,… i haven’t met him before i only saw him on Facebook, she has 3kids and i have 2kids, this my friend do visit my house,,, i started suspecting her because she always visits whenever my husband is at home,.

She likes talking loud, i don’t have access to my husband phone but i suspect him when he started carrying his phone everywhere then i cloned his phone what i saw there i couldn’t believe my friend stole my husband number from my phone and started sending her nudes to him, i quickly saved the pictures and messages in my phone and pretended i didn’t see anything, i follow all their chats she is fund of my husband and they’ve had s*x 3 times.

Mummy i search for her husband on Facebook and added him as a friend, i chatted him up like he did to mine,,, luckily the man dance to my tune and we became friends and so close he sent me 150k some time last month, my friend is not aware of what is going on, her husband called her that he is coming last month and she was happy telling me,,,

she wasn’t aware i already knew, she sent my husband a message telling him to delete her number that they should stop seeing until her hubby has gone back to his base, finally the man came and lodge in a hotel just to be with me, we spent 3 days because i told my husband i was going for a business trip in Lagos, i am into interior deco, this man is a very nice and caring man he treat me like a queen, his wife was calling but he told her he is with his business partner, so he left after the 3rd day, this woman call me and was telling me that he suspect her husband is cheating on her, and i ask her are you not cheating on him, she was like why would she do that, i ended the call and forwarded all the nude picture she sent to my husband to her. She couldn’t believe I knew all this while and did nothing.

Why am sharing this now is that I am so in love with her husband, I don’t even know why she cheated on him with my agbero husband. The issue is that She saw the money her husband sent to me recently on his phone,and she called me asking me how i met her husband, i just told her if she try and call me again,,,,

i will post her nudes on social media and also send it to her husband and she knows what that means,,,. The man is so rich, now she is begging me to allow her enjoy her marriage,,, that she will never see my husband again. But i don’t think am ready to do that, hence the man is rich and attends to my needs without asking.

She has been calling for days but i refuse to pick. Please before you insult me, put yourself in my shoes she pushed me into this game….. Hide my id ma.

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