Can You Marry A Lady On Wheelchair If You’re In Love?

Can You Marry A Lady On Wheelchair If You’re In Love?

Love can be a beautiful thing if you really get it right in a relationship. Unfortunately many of the relationships we have these days are based on materials acquisition and other mundane factors, other than genuine love. However sometimes you come across real show and you are wowed at how it can blow you off your feet. BTW have you ever felt such type of love? Lol

The video below is an example… The way the man is dancing azoto at the wedding around his physically challenged bride is laudable and rare.. I applaud him and wish every partner imbibe this type of true love!

So can you marry a lady who’s on wheelchair but you physically attracted to? What if your parents disagree? Will you chicken out or you’ll insist? Let’s hear from you below…..

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Will you marry a lady on wheelchair if you're in Love?

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Tell us your view in the comment box below if you agree with the above or not… You may also share with us your relationship or marriage experience in confidence… call or whatsApp 0808 360 9209

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