Are There Couples That Lived Happily Ever After?

Are There Couples That Lived Happily Ever After?

By Damilola Obawola

In this generation, bachelors and spinsters often rush into marriage thinking its all rossy and things will always go fine, sometimes they believe in Happily Ever After. Those who are married know the rough patches they experience at different point in time of their martial life. In my view the first two years of marriage can determine if the marriage will survive or break apart.

The first two years of marriage are usually the toughest. It’s not a question of if you love each other or not, it is more than just love. Marriage itself is not solely built on love, love itself is the least of factors that ensures successful marriages in my opinion.

Before getting married, try to know and study your spouse very well, communication during courtship is very key before entering into the marriage itself. Talk about little things because all these little things can be deal breakers that can ruin your marriage at the early stage.

Also don’t overlook strange characters and behaviors during courtship, they can either mar or make a relationship.

Damilola Obawola is a student of the Department of English, University of Lagos.

Tell us your view in the comment box below if you agree with the above or not… You may also share with us your relationship or marriage experience in confidence… call or whatsApp 0808 360 9209

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