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Last weekend, ‘actor’ Uche Maduagwu posted on instagram that he was being molested by another actress because of his resemblance to Grammy award-winning singer John Legend.

In her usual fashion, the singer’s wife Chrissy Teigen replied him and now he claims that she called him to discuss future movie productions.

See his posts below:

Awww… Thanks for the support dear, John Legends beautiful and adorable wife, my very good friend, a great philanthropist, great Mother, virtuous wife, and a diamond 💎💎in a very gentle rough, she just made it clear that although, I might not really have her husbands lips, but then, my sexy, delicious and lovely lips are not meant for illegal kisses either….💋💋💋 So to all those female Nigerian celebrities trying to kiss me illegally on Movie locations🎬, please “back off”, just because am a very Popular actor in Nigeria doesn’t mean I should allow every female celebrity to kiss me illegally, my big sis all the way from America is warning you all, stay clear…. As a matter of fact, just got off phone with her now, she is planning on coming to Nigeria with John, to shoot a big movie…can’t wait to see you both. I told you all am going to be the first Nollywood actor to really bring in Top American A- list celebs into Nigeria for movie shoots. God is great! . @chrissyteigen #repost #nollywood #naija #Nigeria #instagram #love #facebook @cnn @foxnews @bbc #fashion #share #hollywood #actor @enews #trending #blog #cool #google #pic #kiss

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Well, to all the people still doubting my celebrity status in Nigeria, lol, I’ve gone international… 🎬🎬🎬 John Legends beautiful wife just defended me with her comment on my post, she also apologized on phone last night for not calling me earlier about she and her husbands plan to partnering with Nigerian film makers on a big budget international movie 🎬to be shot in Lagos, Ghana and America in the nearest future. I guess this American legends are thinking of going into movies too… How many of you so called Nigerian “celebrity” has ever had an A-list American celeb liked your pics, not to talk of commenting or even talking with you on phone??? I guess no A-list American Celebrity “know you for America dear”, dont feel bad, keep doing your local “I beta pass my neighbor” movies, you will one day get noticed too lol. 😎My dear its not by power oh, “na God dey do am”, God is faithful, he His my rock and helper…💒💒 You all should keep hating while we keep getting the international recognition🚿🎁, its allowed dear…. I guess that’s the price of being a very popular actor in Nigeria…. Here is an advice to all my fans in Nigeria, don’t ever look down on yourselves, just because you are not there yet, doesn’t mean you won’t get there, just put God first in all you do, and he will never let you down.🏥💒 #repost #nollywood #naija #google #share #instagram #follow #love

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