Controversial Actor, Uche Maduagwu who is known for his posts on instagram rather than his roles in movies has come to the defense of his colleagues, Daniella Okeke who was rumoured to be involved in the Apostle Suleiman and Stephanie Otobo scandal.

The social media savvy actor also advised Damilola Adegbite whose marriage is rumored to be about to hit the rocks, to leave the marriage if her husband doesn’t treat her right.

On Daniella Okeke Scandal, he wrote:
I have known her for two years now, she is a virtuous woman, she had never dated any clergyman in Nigeria!.

I wonder why some people are always saying trash about others….especially “yeye” runs girls, why is it that some Nigerian girls are so stupid? Why do girls beef each other? they do not support each other at all, its only in this industry called Nollywood that you will see girls beefing each other for no just reason, when a good woman is succeeding, that’s when others will be envying.

I have been on many movie set with this fantastic actress, she is a great actress, who doesn’t joke with her craft, in fact, she is better than so many others, whenever we have time to chat after a long days shoot, I always get inspired by her words, am sure most of you don’t know that this actress had given scholarships to a whole lot of kids in the past…✍, she is just a small girl with a very big God, she is humble, focused, virtuous and very hardworking…

To all those spreading evil rumors about this great daughter of Zion, please stop it, let us fear God, just because you messed up your own life jumping from one man to the other doesn’t mean every girl will be like you, some women actually worked hard for every Naira they have, Abeg, let this woman be, she is a role model to many, and also an hardworking person.

I celebrate you my dear friend and colleague, please ignore all your haters, May the Lord keep blessing and lifting you up so that you can help others.

On Damilola’s Adegbite Marriage Scandal, He wrote:
Nobody can put a good woman down…⚔ Nobody can ridicule her, nobody! They will only try, but they can’t break that beauty in her.

This wonderful daughter of Zion is a great woman, a fantastic actress and a friend, she is infact, the most stylish Nigerian actress, i know some haters wont agree with me on this, but the records dont lie, this great legend, is one of Africa’s best, in fact, I don’t know why she had not been nominated for an Oscar Award… to all those beefing this talented actress, shame on you all.

So sad some people don’t even know the value of a priceless jewel until they loose it. I pray for all the beautiful women out there…May the Lord bless you with a man that will honor and respect you. Please type amen oh!

No amount of prayer is too much, also, to all the good women out there, please don’t ever allow a man take all of your kindness for weakness, love is not stupidity dear, if you think your not happy with how a man treats you, abeg throw away his love like “Ghana must go bag”….my dear, its allowed!