Gospel singer and TV presenter, Elizabeth Ehigiamusoe, popularly known as Ehiliz, tells ‘Nonye Ben-Nwankwo why she has remained a gospel musician

You are a wife, mother, TV presenter, gospel singer and you also manage a microfinance bank, how do you do all these at the same time?

I always ascribe all the glory to God who made me strong and very energetic. I have a philosophy – plan your work and work your plan.

I always uphold this philosophy. Then again, I have the support and cooperation of my immediate family. My kids are grownups now so I can delegate duties to them. As a singer, if I want to go to the studio, I don’t go during official hours so it doesn’t clash with my work. God is the ultimate for giving me the strength.

How did you become an artiste?

It was a calling. I got the message very clearly that God said I should sing to Him. When God asks you to do something, it is better for you to do it immediately than to delay. I wouldn’t know if it was one of the things that affected me.

I became born again through Scripture Union and we were taught about the gifts that God gives. I knew I could sing and lead praises but I never saw that as my gift.

But then, I prayed and I travelled from Asaba to Awka and I got the revelation in the night. It was as if I was in a trance. A voice sounded and said, ‘Sing unto me’.  The voice repeated it three times and I woke up and I was panting.

It was around 3am. I came back to Asaba and I spoke to our SU leader who told me that was my gift. So I didn’t go into singing because I have a good voice.

How does it feel to be a grandmother?

I don’t feel old. Some people think that once they are married and have kids, they should just look anyhow. That is not proper.

Why will your husband not look outside and go for younger girls if you continue to look drab and haggard because you are married and you have had kids? I still maintain my looks. Some people say I don’t look my age. I know it.

My vocation will not even allow me to look my age, I am a public figure and I have to dress well. I even dress well at home because we can have a visitor at anytime.

Why should you be tying wrapper on your chest at home, are you a village woman? If not for my face that is a little bit wrinkled, you would still think I and my daughters are just siblings. The most important thing is that my husband likes the way I look and I dress this way to please him.

I have to grab my husband and hold him very tight. I don’t want these Lagos girls to put sand in my garri. So being a grandmother shouldn’t make me look like a hag at all.

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