Funmi Holder
Funmi Holder



Nollywood actress, Funmi Holder, has called on Nigerians to be patient with President Muhammadu Buhari as he aims to fulfill campaign promises.

Speaking concerning the economic recession, the Tinsel actress told The Nation in a recent interview that she is in no way affected.

She called on all Nigerians to show support for the government, while urging the latter to hurry up with the stability of the economy.

“Well, fortunately for me, I do not believe in the word ‘recession’ and what you do not believe in cannot be a part of your existence, so, no economic crisis in my world.

“I can only appeal that they (governmemt) do their best in stabilizing the economy as quickly as they can.

“It can’t be easy to come into power and do magic. It’s a process.

“We need to support our president.”

Many Nigerians have lamented the current state of the economy, which has caused difficulty for both the rich and the poor.

The patience initially observed by the citizens has grown thin, as many people wonder why it is taking the government so long to fulfill its promises to them.

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