Moji Olaiya's Second Marriage
Moji Olaiya

Nollywood actress, Mojisola Olaiya, revealed what caused her second marriage to crash after keeping silent for so long.

While recalling some of the scenarios that transpired while wanting to give marriage another chance, the actress disclosed that her daughter never liked the new man she fell in love with as she asked what if the man beats her and it took her some time to convince her daughter that she will be accepted.

While disclosing details on Foluke Daramola ’s programme ‘The Morning After’ she said the new man she fell in love with promised to take care of her daughter but after they got married, he started giving the child attitude.

In her words, “My daughter never liked the new man I fell in love with even when the man was ready to accept her as his child. She asked me that “mummy hope the man will not beat me at the end?”

Moji Olaiya's Daughter
Moji Olaiya And Daughter

“My daughter was staying with her granny and after I married my man, anytime she comes to the house, she was not always comfortable.

It continued like this and she goes back to report to my mother of what was going on.

My mother became worried and we talked about it because I so much love my daughter and the man that promised her all the care and love suddenly changed, so, the truth is I left the marriage because of my daughter, because the man I was in love with did not accept her.”