They say when the Roman god Child of love, Cupid, goes to town, shooting his arrows in different directions, very few people smitten by love can escape unscathed. Last Wednesday which was St Valentine’s Day was certainly an open season for the arrow-shooting baby god and one of our celebrities who got stock in the line of fire is A-list Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson-Okojie.

It is a common knowledge that the amiable and curvy mother of three never let go of any opportunity to gush over her love for her husband, Prince Odi Okojie. So, it was no big surprise when she hit the Instragram so early on St. Valentine’s Day to pen a romantic missive to her better half.

“A Hundred Hearts Will Be Too Few To Carry My Love For You. Happy Val’s Day @princeodiokojie .Happy Val’s Day Friends and What are your plans? My own plenty ooo with My kids on Break and looking at me like “na we and you today,” she writes.

Out of curiosity, Potpourri went after the Kogi ebony beauty, to know what she had planned for the big lovers’ day, with an intent to know if the hubby or her three kids comes first on her to-do list.

“ I am not torn between my hubby and my children. My hubby has his final exams to graduate, so, I will hang out with the kids till my date is done writing his exams. After his exams we can go on a dinner like he promised. Besides, everyday is Val’s day to us,” she replied.

Sometime ago, rumour went wild that the screen diva was having problems with her hubby as a result of a slight glitch on her Instagram page but it was soon dispelled. When she was asked if she’s not running a risk by flaunting her private affairs on social media, she said it is God that decides such matters. “ God decides that, not us humans,” she replied.