Nollywood Actress, Omalicha Elom

Omalicha Elom is a young, beautiful actress with shining looks. Her buttocks have always been a table talk, home and abroad. She has featured in several popular movies, like ‘Seven Books of Moses’, ‘Tears For Riches’, ‘Fire Dancers’, ‘Supreme Sacrifice’, among others. In this chat with New Telegraph Newspaper, the Ebonyi State-born reveals secrets about her career and life.

What are you currently working on?
I’m working and doing movies as usual. Right now, I’m about to produce my own movie titled, ‘Marriage Police’. It’s my first. This is the story of what’s going on in different homes in our present world; domestic violence, abusive marriages, etc. I just picked the causes of marriage breakups, which is over protectiveness, jealousy and nagging. Every man wants a peaceful home. After the movie, people are going to applaud me; it’s lesson-filled. It’s a tragic comedy and quite interesting.

Does the movie have anything to do with a true life story?
Yes! Almost like a true life story. Personally, I encountered something similar in my first relationship. However, it’s becoming like a norm. I have only dated two guys in my life. My first boyfriend was so jealous and obsessive. Nobody could say ‘hi’ to me then. He chased away all my friends, both male and female. He caused more harm to me than good. Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last, we had to part ways.

Considering the fact you are not yet married and you are offering advice to married couples, do you think it’s a good idea?
It doesn’t matter. Anybody can talk about that with little knowledge because it has become a big issue in the society. Marriage talk has become part of our daily life; if given a chance, a ten year old has a thing or two to say about it, so it is not really about who is who, it’s about the message.

You recently granted an interview where you were quoted saying you don’t mind asking men for sex, how true is that?
I never said such; the reporter quoted me out of context. How can I boldly ask a guy out or even ask for sex when I am an African and it’s not part of us? I only said, I have only dated two guys in my life and I am presently single and not in any relationship. I don’t know where the reporter got that from. If I really like a guy, I can only imagine him in my head as my boyfriend, but I can’t walk up to him to ask for sex. No way! I’m very romantic but not crazy.

People say oral sex is dirty, what do you think about it?
Well, I don’t know about other people but I don’t like it at all.

And what if you get married and your husband insists he wants it, will you succumb?
Well, the bible says women should be submissive to their husbands, so if I get married and my husband wants oral sex, I’ll give it to him, so I can make heaven.

Can you forgive a cheating partner?                                                                         Never ever! Because once I’m in a relationship, I stay very loyal and faithful. So, I would not even look back when the person cheats on me, be it my husband or boyfriend. Once you have me, let it be me forever until we part ways. Don’t even try to cheat on me. They say men are polygamous in nature, but it’s not right. Before a woman would cheat, something deep must have happened.

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