Desola Afod
Desola Afod

Desola Afod is a name that might not ring a bell with all and sundry, but she is well known among her teeming fans on Instagram where she holds sway as the ‘celeb Wife’.

The Abeokuta born pretty mom of three cute boys is the wife of popular Yoruba movie director and actor, Kunle Afod.

Desola Afod seem the most popular of Celebrity wives on Instagram, with about 69,000 followers and 5,917 posts on Instagram (a feat even some celebrities haven’t achieved). A day hardly goes by without Desola celebrating her darling husband, Kunle Afod.

In his very brief chat with Naijashowbiz, Desola lets us in a little into. her world and that of her husband.

Desola and Hubby, Kunle Afod
Desola and Hubby, Kunle Afod


I am Desola Solanke Afod, wife of renowned actor, Kunle Afod. I am from Abeokuta, Ogun State into a Muslim and polygamous family.

I come from a family of 9 children, i am the last born of my mum but i have  4 step-brothers and i am number 8.

How Did You Meet Your Husband And What Year?

We met in the year 2001, in Ikotun, i met him through my elder brother

14269164_1780222015534079_1799980465_nWhat Attracted You To Kunle Afod?

Ours was love at first sight

Your Husband Is A Foremost And One Of The Most Sought-After Yoruba Actors And Directors, How Do You Feel About That As His Wife?

I feel delighted 100%, i am grateful because looking back on how he started and where God has brought him presently, it can be only God.

So to God alone be all the glory.

14334655_692542584242375_1747118559_nWhat Do You Do?

I am a civil servant with the Lagos State Government, in the ministry of Agriculture precisely.

Who Is More Romantic Between You Both?

I am the more romantic one…Laughs.

Who Apologizes First After A Misunderstanding ?

My husband apologizes first, he is a very calm person who loves peace so he is quick to mend the fence.

How Do You Cope With His Female Fans?

His female fans are a part of his career, so i handle that well.

14478533_1077437902311833_3285945986291073024_n What Has Kept Your Marriage Going?

Firstly, God, because he is the foundation of our home, then, Perseverance, trust, patience and love.

14478555_301667620218473_4625437902413758464_nYou Have A Very Vibrant Instagram Page With So Many Folllowers, How Did You Achieve That?

I don’t even know, it is just fun, but some of my Instagram friends that i have met say it is because i am very real, but i think it is just because my husband is a celebrity.

How Do You Feel When You Are Attacked By Cyber-bullies On Instagram ?

Well….i used to feel bad initially, but my husband encouraged me not to.

He told me that i am being criticized just because i am gaining relevance. I am used to it now. It is no big deal anymore.

14565087_1624039637893145_8272081615954378752_nHave You Had Any Spectacular Experience With Any Of Your Husband’s Female Fans?

None at all.

You Once Mentioned Sheyi Ashekun As Your Favourite Actress, Why?

Well i think she is very pleasant and her style is unique.

14240831_1835742679992843_921964384_nWord For Your Husband

The love of my life, my diadem, my sceptre, one and only boo. I love you very much and thanks for all you have been.

Word For Your Fans And His

We regard our fans as family, we love you all. God bless you for your continued support