Sometimes, when people are tired of their relationship and don’t know how to opt out, they settle for “let’s take a break”.

Most often, that “break” becomes perpetual.

However, taking a “temporary break-up” might be helpful to a relationship so as to restore the lost spark and/or attraction.

This type of break is meant to give both partners the latitude needed to honestly access and check if the relationship is actually worth saving.

Here are some benefits of temporary breaks in a relationship.

Reminder of what you mean to each other

Couples might sometimes need to remind themselves of what and how much they mean to one another if familiarity has caused them to forget.

Once familiarity has led to depreciation of dignity and disrespect for the partner, taking a break could help restore what’s been lost.

Resolution of disagreement and dispute

When a couple discover that their relationship is filled with series of disagreements, a temporary breakup could help end the constant rift.

The temporary break may be the pause the relationship needs to figure out the reason for the incessant spats and better planning of strategies to avoid future disputes.

Breathing space

You might need a time out to breathe and think about what you need.

It is important to know that some people lose their identities to marriage and relationships that they forget their personal dreams and ambition.

In this instance, a temporary break-up might help you reconnect with yourself and possibly give you adequate time to recognize yourself (not just your partner). (

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