Pumoh Exclusive Online Services, a frontline online shopping mall in Nigeria, has launched a new subsidiary designed to provide various contemporary beauty services to Nigeria and African women with a first-of-its-kind finger nail printing machines on offer for printing the innovative O’2 Nails.

The subsidiary, known as Mason de Beauté (Home of Beauty), was unveiled last weekend by the Managing Director, Barr. (Mrs) Umoh Adingwupu; the company Ambassador, award-winning Nollywood actress Kehinde Bankole; the General Manager, Mrs. Grace Singh; alongside other top dignitaries and entertainment celebrities, at the company’s Lagos office in Lekki.

While speaking at the event, which was compéred by Comedian Koffi, Barr. (Mrs) Adingwupu said the journey that has now established Maison de Beauté began when the management of Pumoh discovered a unique technology that enables images to be printed on both natural and artificial finger nails.

While noting that such development was non-existent in the entire African continent, she said the management of Pumoh went into discussions and partnership with the manufacturing Chinese company resulting to Pumoh’s emergence as the franchise owner for the exclusive products in Africa.

According to her, the machines are of two models: the V9, which is for professional use and for use in big salons and spas; and the V11, which is smaller and can be used by smaller salons as well as individuals at home.

Barr. (Mrs.) Adingwupu, whose name was already printed on her finger nails, informed that the Artpro nail machines can print logos, pictures of people, pictures of pets, and all other kinds of images on both natural and artificial finger nails.

“We also have over a thousand beautiful and colourful designs that people can choose from and the machines would print it on the nails,” she said.

Although the Artpro nail service is new and exclusive to Maison de Beauté, Barr. (Mrs) Adingwupu informed that the idea is to create a one-stop-shop for women’s beauty.

She said while some other services in Maison de Beauté’s bouquet are already available in Nigeria, there are still a few that are not common here.

One of such services is the Monopolar RF Treatment in the company’s medical spa section.

She informed that this works through a non-surgical process that helps break fat down in the body, and offers services such as brow lift, forehead tightening, reduction of eye sags and crow feet, reduction of jawing and jaw lines, tummy tightening, reduction of sagging skin, as well as reduction of cellulite.

She also informed that massage services are available to cater for the Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, aroma therapy, sport massage, hot stone massage, reflexology massage, and cranial sacral therapy.

In the facials deep cleansing section, there is also classical facials, brightening facials, and microdermabrasion, a faster way to get a healthy glow to stuff away the layers of dead skin that have accumulated with age, sun and exposure.

There is also hydrating facials, as well as firming and contouring facials.

The new company also unveiled its body waxing services, spanning under arm, full arm, half arm, bikini, Brazilian, play boy and full body.

Also coming in its kitty is the body scrub of Moroccan origin, known as Hammam.
This consists of basic hammam, traditional hammam, marakech hammam, and souqla hammam, as well as vitamin C scrub.

Barr. (Mrs) Adingwupu also emphasized on Maison de Beauté’s teeth whitening treatment, which produces a more effective result and is safe and affordable, using the whitening foam, whitening pen, brightening powder, or smile kit box.

To cap it all, she summarized the Maison de Beauté experience in these words:

“We thought it wise to have a one-stop-shop where one can have a complete beauty care; from nails to hair, facials, massages, Moroccan hammam, teeth whitening, microdermabrasion, all non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as tightening of post pregnancy sagging, dark circles, eye bags, wrinkles, facial lifts, stretch marks, skin discolouration treatment and many more.”

An optimistic Mrs. Singh said the O’2 nail product will push boundaries because if its uniqueness.

“It is very unique so in the next six months, I am expecting most people to be using the V9 and V11 machines either through us, on their own, or through most spas and beauty centres in Nigeria and Africa,” she said.

Maison de Beauté Ambassador, Bankole, who described herself as a tech and innovative idea lover, said she is very excited to be involved with this beauty phenomenon at this time.

She said Nigerians and Africans are family-oriented and love-oriented.

According to her, people will embrace stuff like this that will allow them to put the faces of their loved ones on their finger nails.

“Brides can have their grooms’ faces on their mails on their wedding day, for instance.

This is fresh and it is going to be a great way for Africans to celebrate themselves,” she said, adding that “Nigerians are fashion-savvy and this is something that hasn’t been done before in Africa, which will create much excitement.”

Bankole said pictures of people have been designed on cakes, but never on finger nails.

“It is a very different technology and Nigerians, as fashion-conscious people, will love it,” she enthused.

From an empowerment point of view, Bankole also stressed on the fact that women can create jobs and small businesses and provide services even from their homes.

While noting that the common pattern of beauty services is to go to a beauty centre, she said with Maison de Beauté, there are opportunities for do-it-yourself services, which enables people to buy a nail printing machine or a teeth whitening device and offer those services from their home under the Maison de Beauté franchise.

“You can be a house wife and do these from home, be it teeth whitening venture or nail photograph venture.

This is not just for beauty alone but an idea that can equip people to be financially independent, self-employed, and innovative,” she said.

Barr. (Mrs) Umoh disclosed that as franchise owners in Africa, individuals and companies that will use these services as resellers will have to go through Maison de Beauté.


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