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Pastor Osinbajo: Vice President Of Nigeria

A blogger‎, by name Mr J Duke Anago has descended heavily on Nigeria’s Vice President, a Pastor, Professor Yemi Osinbajo for allegedly muddling into what he refers to as ‘unholy things’ and thereby confusing children of God and Nigerians as a whole as regards the construction of roads by the previous administration of Yaradua and Goodluck Jonathan.

VP Osinbajo who’s also a Pastor of Redeemed Christian Church had last week reportedly said the former governments of Yaradua and Goodluck Jonathan did not construct a single new road throughout their tenure in office.

There have been many mixed reactions by Nigerians to the statements on social media some eulogizing the pastor turned politician and others condemning him for what they said is a ‘misleading statement’.

Mr Anago, a blogger with SKYTREND NEWS, an internet newspaper however took to the social media on Saturday in an emotion laden piece titled “PREPARE JESUS IS COMING SOONER THAN YOU THINK”, lambasting the Vice President for making the statement and arguing that “a brand new road would not be beneficial to any Nigerian when the poor state of trunk A federal roads in Nigeria is in a dangerous state”

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I have read the statement accreditated to the Vice President Prof Osibanjo on roads built by the previous administration. In his argument, Prof contends that the previous administration did not construct a brand new Greenfield Road project.

The Vice President’s position may be correct as I have limited evidence to counter his statement. Nonetheless, would any sane President abandon the poor state of federal roads – Benin – Ore road among others to go and construct a brand new road?

I am not sure a brand new road would be beneficial to any Nigerian when the poor state of trunk A federal roads in Nigeria is in a dangerous state. The best any listening president should do, is upgrade the existing federal roads and put bridges where necessary. Since I came to England, I am yet to see the government construct new motorway. What they do is expand and maintain the highway and not build a brand new project.

The Blogger, Mr Jude Anago

While I do not have the energy to argue with Prof, it will be imperative if Prof could mention how many Brand new roads (Greenfield) did Lagos state government construct from 1999 till date excluding the Ikoyi-Lekki bridge that Fasola constructed? Even the Lekki-Epe motorway is not a greenfield project but an upgrade of an existing road reconstructed by the previous government in Lagos state.

It will also interest all to know that most federal road contracts have been awarded during the military era while some assigned for construction during President Obasanjo’s era and the money embezzled. The government of President Jonathan came and provided finance for the continuation of the roads.

For instance, the expansion of Abuja airport road, enlargement and dualization of Abuja – Lokoja road which wasn’t awarded by the regime but continued with the provision of finance for its completion. Also, Enugu – Onitsha road was constructed previously but today it is a death trap. if the previous government did a god job, will Igbos be clamouring for the reconstruction of the road today?

For all intent and purpose, Prof would have still criticised President GEJ if he constructed the Enugu – Onitsha Road, East-West roads and others.

Our erstwhile pastor, Prof will still remind us that GEJ did not construct any new motorway because those roads would still not be regarded as new construction but a reconstruction even when it is evident that the cost to reconstruct sometimes are costlier than the cost to construct a brand new road where you don’t have to excavate the damaged portions of the road.

Whenever our pastor turned Vice President speaks, I don’t feel disappointed. Rather, it only reminds me to prepare that Jesus is coming soon.

The signs are there for all to see. One of the signs is that Pastors will start muddling into things that are unholy including confusing the children of God for political correctness.